Westing "Away" (performance video)

Westing 'Away' (performance video)
When not making music with Heartless Breakers, Matt Mascarenas writes and records music under his Westing moniker. To get to know his additional project better, Exclaim! has your first look at an intimate live video for solo cut "Away."

Shot and edited by Everett Fitch of Big American Story Films, the video is a first in a series titled Scattered Moments, which focuses on impulsive recordings and collaborations. Running his guitar through a battery of effects pedals, Mascarenas' reverberating clean tones carry his emotive voice throughout an empty house.

In a statement, Fitch had this to say about the video:

I met Matt when I was 11 years old. It's been enlightening to see this young punk kid with a love for hardcore mature into this late-twenty-year-old with an incredible ear for the experimental — all along the way still respecting his roots.

That's how I try to approach my videos, too, with respect — a knowing of where I come from, experientially, of course, but also spiritually and ancestrally. Without a doubt, if I take the time to draw into that core being of myself and to also understand where the musician is coming from, someone out there is going to relate with the end result because more likely than not, they have a similar knowing. And if I can connect with someone like that, I know I've created something of substance.

So we got together one afternoon with the intention to just make a simple, impactful video, start to finish — binding sounds and images from years of friendship.

"Away" is available as a digital download now, which you can find here. Watch the video in the player below.