Wendy's Serves Up McDonald's Disses on 'We Beefin?' Mixtape

"Fast food's first lady / You cannot play me"
Wendy's Serves Up McDonald's Disses on 'We Beefin?' Mixtape
In the umpteenth instance of brands shamelessly jacking hip-hop culture to drive online engagement, Wendy's is taking shots at its fast-food competitors with a new mixtape.

Titled We Beefin?, the five-track release finds an unidentified MC spitting fresh (never frozen) disses at McDonald's, Burger King and more. 

"Why yo' ice cream machine always broke? / Why yo drive thru always slow?" she raps for the golden arches on "Rest in Grease," while pulling no punches in taking Burger King to task on "Holding It Down," which features the line "And BK, don't think that you got away / You copied my old menu and put it out on replay."

Brand corniness aside, the raps are actually pretty good. You can take in the tape with the player below and can find its Ready to Die-inspired album art up above. As you can also see below, online reaction to the mixtape so far has largely been positive.

We're particularly disappointed that Wendy's gave no love to food brand mixtape originators Hamburger Helper, who delivered the five-track Watch the Stove back in 2016.