Wendy O. Williams and the Plasmatics Ten Years of Revolutionary Rock ‘N' Roll

Three hours of experimental punk rockers blowing up cars, smashing television sets and fighting cops, what more could any Plasmatics fan ask for? While everyone claims to know the ins and outs of punk rock’s most shocking experimental artists, few truly do. And, as Ten Years points out, even those who claim to know it all are out to lunch. A comprehensive look into the life of front-woman Wendy O. Williams, Ten Years is a detailed account of her professional career and a stunning look into some of her personal bouts, legal and otherwise. The plethora of interview footage, information and still shots is interesting, laying out virtually everything from the band’s initial stages as an experimental punk art project through to Williams’s final more metallic days. Overall, there are gaping holes. The addition of the Plasmatics in the title is misleading, as the band’s line-up is barely noted outside of bare-bones interviews. Similarly, her untimely demise is entirely ignored, the legend-stroking commentary grows annoying and the lack of full live shows and/or television appearances is a bummer. Still, with the amount of sensational information Ten Years provides, it is worthwhile punk rock learning. (MVD, www.mvdvisual.com)