Well Being "Fear Love and Everything in Between" (video)

Well Being 'Fear Love and Everything in Between' (video)
Toronto psych-pop trio Well Being just delivered their debut self-titled album after touring behind their Chambers EP earlier this year. Now, heady album cut "Fear Love and Everything in Between" has been treated to an animated music video, which Exclaim! has your first look at below.

Animated by Karly McCloskey, the video's art style is shaped by oil painting, rotoscoping and green screen techniques to hallucinatory effect. The video first features a painted nude figure shapeshifting into an ice cream cone, flowers and skulls, while a second is shown struggling to keep his head above water.

As the band reveal in a statement, there's much more to McCloskey's smooth visuals than meets the eye.

"The video explores love in its various forms and manifestations," the band explained. "Desire, passion, hunger and fear flow into and out of each other to paint a portrait of human behaviour and relationships."

Well Being's self-titled LP is available through the band now via Bandcamp. Watch the video for "Fear Love and Everything in Between" in the player below.