'Weird Canada' Goes Offline

They're "not dead; just tired"
'Weird Canada' Goes Offline
Weird Canada — the popular blog recognized for its in-depth coverage of experimental/DIY music and art across the country — has seemingly shut down.

Today on Twitter, former managing editor Jesse Locke pointed out that the site had gone offline entirely, leading readers to a drop page from hosting company WebFaction. While it is unclear when exactly Weird Canada's site was pulled, staff have yet to announce a closure in an official capacity.

UPDATE (02/03, 1:25 p.m. EST): Weird Canada has awoken from digital slumber to confirm they are "not dead; just tired." A new entry on the reactivated website reads, "Obviously we haven't posted much in a while. We're not dead; just having a very long nap." In July of last year, the site wrote on Twitter, "we are mostly just daydreaming these days but we wake up once a year for [Drone Day]." Outside of Drone Day celebrations, posts on the site's social media channels have been sporadic in recent months. Weird Canada was founded in 2009 by Aaron Levin and Marie LeBlanc-Flanagan. In 2011, the blog was named the Best Canadian Music Website as part of CBC Radio 3's Searchlight competition.

In 2013, Weird Canada received a FACTOR grant that it used to launch online consignment store and distribution service Wyrd Distro. The shop closed down in February 2018.

Drone Day 2020 is currently set for May 30.