Weezer Weren't Kidding About Giving You a Spork with 'The Black Album'

Pre-orders also come with a quote from Matt Damon's 'SNL' character Todd
Weezer Weren't Kidding About Giving You a Spork with 'The Black Album'
Say what you will about Weezer, but they're fully committed to being the most ridiculous rock band in the world. Case in point: last fall, they promised that fans who pre-ordered The Black Album would get a free spork. And just in case you thought they were kidding, the records have started arriving — and they do indeed include a spork.

Fans have been sharing images of their records and their accompanying sporks. And judging by the fans' reactions, at least some recipients had no idea they would be receiving a spork with their order. Naturally, the sporks are black to match the colour theme of the album — although Weezer previously hinted that some lucky fan might be receiving a golden spork.

Surely, this all-purpose utensil is the most practical Weezer merch item since that time they released a Snuggie. Even those who might not like The Black Album's slick pop sound can surely appreciate the convenience of a being able to pierce or scoop food with the same instrument.

If you peer closely enough at the vinyl above, you might also notice that there's a promo sticker with the quote, "They're doing some cool things right now." That's a quote from Todd — a.k.a Matt Damon's Weezer superfan character from SNL.

Having initially appeared in the videogame Fortnite, The Black Album is out today. Our review is here, and you can hear the album in full here — and enjoy those spork photos below.