Weezer Unveil Hurley Tracklist, Cover Coldplay on Bonus Disc

Weezer Unveil <i>Hurley</i> Tracklist, Cover Coldplay on Bonus Disc
We've already covered a fair bit about Weezer's "raw rock"-sounding new album, Hurley, with its absurd album cover and its Twitter-inspired Beach Boys knockoff. Now, we've got the final details of the album, including the tracklist of both the LP and the deluxe edition bonus disc.

In typical Weezer WTF-style, the bonus disc includes a cover of Coldplay's "Viva la Vida," which frontman Rivers Cuomo debuted live last year. It also features the recent World Cup anthem "Represent," the Yo Gabba Gabba track "All My Friends Are Insects," plus a new song.

The standard edition of Hurley includes ten tracks, includes one named after the dystopian novel Brave New World, plus another called, uh, "Where My Sex?" Hurley was produced by Cuomo along with Shawn Everett, who was also behind the boards for part of Raditude.

According to a press release, "Rivers picks up the acoustic guitar on the reinvented power ballad 'Unspoken' and the raw '60s-influenced Mac Davis co-written 'Time Flies.' The classic Weezer sound is reignited with songs like 'Smart Girls,' 'Run Away' and the quirky 'Where's My Sex?'"

The frontman told Spin, "When we were making Hurley you could just hear the sound of people going into the studio, pressing 'record' and rocking."

Hurley is due out September 14 via Epitaph. Click on the embedded the video below to listen to the new single, "Memories."


1. "Memories"
2. "Ruling Me"
3. "Trainwrecks"
4. "Unspoken"
5. "Where's My Sex?"
6. "Run Away"
7. "Hang On"
8. "Smart Girls"
9. "Brave New World"
10. "Time Flies"
11. "All My Friends Are Insects" (Deluxe Edition bonus track)
12. "Viva La Vida" (Deluxe Edition bonus track)
13. "I Want to Be Something" (Deluxe Edition bonus track)
14. "Represent" (Deluxe Edition bonus track)