Weezer Reveal Details for New Rarities Compilation

Weezer Reveal Details for New Rarities Compilation
Though they could have made a lot of money from throwing in the towel, Weezer have been busier than ever this year with Hurley, a deluxe Pinkerton reissue and their "Memories" tour. Before the year closes though, they also want you to shell out for one more release, so they're dropping a rarities compilation.

As previously mentioned, the comp is called Death to False Metal, and as Rivers Cuomo told NME, features "great songs, great recordings, but for some reason they didn't make the final cut for a record." While it's hard to believe that there is any quality control on recent Weezer albums, the rarities set is made up ten unreleased B-sides.

In a recent interview with the A.V. Club, Cuomo gave a breakdown of some of the tracks, saying, "'Everyone' from 1998 - it was just too hardcore, heavy metal to be on a Weezer record at the time. That's why we set it aside. So I worked on that some more recently in the studio, and put some crazy vocal moments on it. Another song from 2003, called 'Blowin' My Stack,' I went back and did some blood-curdling screaming." On top of that, we're willing to wager that "Autopilot" is a song about the band's post-Pinkerton creative process.

Death to False Metal will be released on November 2 via Geffen. After that, we've already reported that the next Weezer album could be right around the corner for a 2011 release.

Death to False Metal:

1. "Turning Up the Radio"

2. "I Don't Want Your Loving"

3. "Blowin' My Stack"

4. "Losing My Mind"

5. "Everyone"

6. "I'm a Robot"

7. "Trampoline"

8. "Odd Couple"

9. "Autopilot"

10. "Un-Break My Heart"