Weezer "Perfect Situation" ft. Jorge Garcia (live)

Weezer 'Perfect Situation' ft. Jorge Garcia (live)
Whether they truthfully named their latest album after him or not, Weezer at least have to pretend that they're big fans of Jorge Garcia and his Lost character Hurley in the promotion of their latest album of the same name. As such, the aging alt-rock combo invited the actor to make a surprise appearance at a secret show in Hollywood yesterday (September 21).

 Rather than perform a song from the band's mostly dismal Hurley album, however, Garcia joined the band for their 2005 hit "Perfect Situation." Naturally, the team-up was gimmicky and embarrassing, but it's still the sort of weird pop culture pairing that we find so irresistible. It's also a nice reminder that the band have crafted a few decent tunes since Pinkerton.

 Watch the performance below.

Thanks to NY Mag for the tip.