​Weezer Get "High as a Kite" and Rock Out in 'Mr. Rogers' Parody

They've also shared another new song called "Living in L.A."
​Weezer Get 'High as a Kite' and Rock Out in 'Mr. Rogers' Parody
Weezer have unveiled two new tracks from their forthcoming Black Album — "High as a Kite" and "Living in L.A."
The former arrives with an amazing video that takes viewers into the realm of Mr. Rivers' Neighborhood, an obvious spoof on Mr. Rogers' Neighborhood.
Despite the song's drug-friendly message, the video is entirely kid-friendly — until the band's performance takes a dark, heavy metal-esque turn and all the kids in the audience start crying and screaming.
In addition to the hilarious video, the band have also shared the audio for "Living in L.A." Check both of them out below.
The Black Album is due out March 1.