Weezer "Thank God for Girls" (live)

Weezer 'Thank God for Girls' (live)
Photo: Rick Clifford
A year on from Everything Will Be Alright in the End, Weezer are setting their sights on new material, as Rivers Cuomo and the gang have performed a new song called "Thank God for Girls."

The band played the song last night (October 20) at an iHeartRadio event. With its purring organ and plinky piano, the song's verses have a hip-hop/soul vibe, and it eventually bursts into dark and dramatic rock during the chorus. For long-suffering fans who have been hoping for a return to the band's '90s glory days, this definitely isn't it, but listen below to decide if this new direction is a good one.

The band tweeted that "Thank God for Girls" will officially come out on October 26.