Weezer "Do You Wanna Get High?"

Weezer 'Do You Wanna Get High?'
Last month, Weezer returned with a surprise new single (and bizarre video) called "Thank God for Girls." Regardless of what you thought of that one, the long-running alt-pop act are back with a new drug anthem called "Do You Wanna Get High?"

Regardless of its on-the-nose stoner lyrics, the song's got a classic Weezer structure. It's built on a classically-inspired bass-line that eventually builds up to a massive singalong. Switch out Buddy Holly for Burt Bacharach, who's shouted out in every chorus here, and you've got a modern take on the band.

The song premiered on Zane Lowe's Beats 1 show. Rivers Cuomo told the host that the group doesn't currently have a record label, and they're simply writing and releasing singles without necessarily worrying about a full album.

Listen to "Do You Wanna Get High?" below.