The Weeknd "Kiss Land" (NSFW video)

The Weeknd 'Kiss Land' (NSFW video)
The Weeknd's songs typically deal with sordid subject matter, and his latest music video for "Kiss Land" sports seedy visuals to fit this lyrical tone.

The clip expands on the neon-lit, Asian-inspired motifs we've seen cropping up in the promo materials for the upcoming album, which is also called Kiss Land. While the steamy, electronic-driven R&B track deals with singer Abel Tesfaye's quick ascent to stardom, the video finds him singing for the camera while some naked women get freaky behind him. The strategic pixelation means that there's no full-blown nudity, but we're still going to call this one NSFW. There are also plenty of flickering cartoons, Asian characters and gaudy colours.

Kiss Land is expected to drop later this year through Universal.