Weekend Return with 'Jinx' for Slumberland Records

Weekend Return with 'Jinx' for Slumberland Records
Back in 2010, San Francisco noise-makers Weekend released Sports through legendary indie pop imprint Slumberland Records. Now, a few years and an EP later, they're back with another full-length for the label. Jinx is out July 23.

Like Sports and the subsequent Red EP, Jinx was helmed by producer Monte Vallier (Young Prisms, Wax Idols), although it reportedly finds the band embracing a more hi-fi sound. While still showcasing the band's characteristically noisy style, a press release promises that this "is the most mature and assured Weekend release to date — an album that is more sonically dynamic and emotive than anything you've heard from the band to date."

For a taste of this, scroll past the tracklist below to hear the expansively post-punk flavoured "Mirror." The previously unveiled rough mix of "Sirens" is also below. That's the album cover above.


1. Mirror
2. July
3. Oubliette
4. Celebration, FL
5. Sirens
6. Adelaide
7. It's Alright
8. Rosaries
9. Scream Queen
10. Just Drive