The Week in Comments: Exclaim!'s Reader Feedback Roundup with Mystery Machine, Flaming Lips, Metric and Stars

BY Jacob MorganPublished Jun 27, 2012

Whether you loved something, aired a grievance or simply felt the need to argue with a stranger over the Internet, we've gathered the best/worst of your insights and complaints with Exclaim!'s Reader Feedback Roundup.

Last Friday (June 22), we headed into the weekend with some news that had many readers pleasantly surprised. Shoegaze-influenced Vancouver alt-rockers Mystery Machine became the latest in a line of '90s Canrock bands to get back together when they signed to Sonic Unyon Records to release their first album since 1998's Headfirst Into Everything. "Now that they are with Sonic Unyon maybe my dream concert of Mystery Machine and SIANspheric will actually happen!!!" said DC. Meanwhile, Sammer added, "Of all the 90s Cancon reunions this is the only one I'm actually pumped about." Over on Facebook, De La Chris Hearn had a speak-of-the-devil moment. "Wow! I was just listening to some of their stuff from years ago and thinking 'Man, I wonder what ever happened to?' This is good news."

Also last week, Metric announced plans to play in arenas across the country with Stars in November. Most Exclaim! readers were happy to hear the news. On Twitter, @the2scoops praised the bands for getting to this level. "Stadium tour? They're ready." Facebook user Sarah Moteelall could barely contain her excitement and gave a resounding "YES YES YES." But not everyone was so ecstatic. @Thatshawn tweeted, "good to see Halifax left off another 'Canadian' tour…"

With another year of NXNE quickly receding into the rearview, Exclaim! readers chimed in on our review of one of the festival's biggest events -- the free Flaming Lips concert at Yonge-Dundas Square. Peter criticized the Lips' showiness, accusing the band of favouring spectacle over substance. "Coyne has lost the plot, trying for grand moment after grand moment (opera basically) and stretching every song past the 10-minute mark." On the other hand, Allan e. agreed with the review and enjoyed the show, despite the intense crowd. "Most amazing show production… And they seemed to cram the regular 2 ½ hour circus into the hour and half they played. Glad we stayed until the bitter end. It was worth being swallowed whole."

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