The Week in Comments: Exclaim!'s Reader Feedback Roundup with Kanye West, Young Jeezy, Serj Tankian

The Week in Comments: Exclaim!'s Reader Feedback Roundup with Kanye West, Young Jeezy, Serj Tankian
As usual, we here at Exclaim! have been paying attention to what you guys are saying online. This week you chimed in about new music, answered our questions on Facebook and, of course, complained about lots of things.

Earlier this week, we reported that things went horribly awry at Young Jeezy's Toronto concert at the Sound Academy when an attendee was shot three times prior to Jeezy taking the stage. The rapper responded to the incident via Twitter with: "Backstage @ Sound Academy in Toronto! Police closed venue and cancelled the greatest show!!! I will be back! Next stop London, Ontario!"

Well, a shockingly similar event took place the next night in London, with more shots echoing through the crowd. While terrifying concert experiences, for sure, Exclaim! reader Tor sarcastically called out Jeezy for not acknowledging any of the victims, commenting: "At least Young Jeezy's tweets show how concerned he was about the guy who got shot three times."

Elsewhere in the world of hip-hop, Kanye West dropped a couple new tunes, though he got himself in a bit of trouble with PETA for a line in the track "Theraflu." He rhymes: "Tell PETA my mink is draggin' on the floor," which the animal rights group obviously didn't take very well. It (kind of) gained Yeezy a new fan, though, as gnarlk commented on "i can't stand kanye, but i REALLY hate PETA, so 'go yeezy?'"

In a more hilarious conversation about Kanye, the aforementioned PETA story, paired with a photo of the NSFW boob-heavy cover art for "Theraflu," made it into the third most popular slot on our website sidebar -- directly under a thumbnail of Lana Del Rey's face in the second spot. @PlumesEnsemble tweeted at us: "heads up, @exclaimdotca, that juxtaposition of popular stories #2 and #3 might be gaining some popularity of its own." Tweeter @cinematicstars even took a screen grab of the unfortunate photo positioning, which you can see here.

Also on Twitter this week, @Voyno responded to the infographic in the April issue of Exclaim!, which breaks down the magazine cover stars by geographic region, tweeting: "20 yrs covering Canadian music and zero #Sask artists on the cover of exclaim. #weaksauce." Regrettable? Yes, but as @ryanbaldwin replied: "to be fair, who would you put? Wide Mouth Mason? HAHA LOLZ!"

Finally, when Serj Tankian announced a new solo album, we asked our Facebook fans whether they preferred his one-man work or System of A Down material. While SOAD overwhelmingly won the poll, second place was a resounding "neither," eloquently summed up by Steven De Taeye who claims: "they'll both make you sterile."

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