The Week in Comments: Exclaim!'s Reader Feedback Roundup with Julie Doiron, July Talk and Kim Dotcom's Mega Service

The Week in Comments: Exclaim!'s Reader Feedback Roundup with Julie Doiron, July Talk and Kim Dotcom's Mega Service
As always, we here at Exclaim! have been paying attention to what you guys are saying online. So here's just a small glimpse of what you were talking about recently on

Firstly Julie Doiron's So Many Days album stream received many positive comments, but not from everyone. Commenter julie hater said, "I just don't see the appeal here — her lyrics are terrible. The album should be called 'how many times can Julie Doiron use the word love on an album.'" Another commenter, Hater of Julie Hater, responded with, "So, what have you done lately? Got any songs? Any albums? Could you sell out your living room? When was the last time you toured any places besides from your home to Wal-mart?"

Commenter Hutchings, meanwhile, stated he wasn't a fan before but said, "The songs are full of feeling, the arrangements are just so full and creative, with subtle flourishes brushed on here there and everywhere. She's never been that good at singing before, but man she sounds great here, warm and relaxed, lots of harmonies, layered and staggered and slathered on."

Blues-rock outfit July Talk were also streaming their self-titled album. The comments all show the band some love. Kenzie stated, "I love this album. REALLY wish it was available on American iTunes!!" while Steph said, "Wow, paper girl has been stuck in my head for days! It's awesome-love the guitar, can't wait to see these guys live."

July Talk played Toronto this weekend and people had similar reactions to the concert review. "I had a blast last night. They truly deserve all the attention they can get. I hope the rest of Canada doesn't overlook a great live artist such as July Talk!" said Elephant. Mike Driehuis added, "I saw them open for 54-50 at the Kee to Bala back in August and was instantly captivated by their stage show. Great musicians, great performance. As soon as I heard their CD was coming out I ordered it and it's playing constantly on my iPod. Well done July Talk!"

Lastly, there was news of Megaupload founder Kim Dotcom planning to launch a cloud-based service called Mega. It gathered some positive comments including, "Sounds pretty good 2me" from commenter brently ford, while napierdalator said, "I hope that more and more artists will upload their works to such servers to bypass big companies stealing their money by so called promotion. Also it will obviously be better for us buyers as the files will be available for cheap."

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