The Week in Comments: Exclaim!'s Reader Feedback Roundup with HMV's Bankruptcy Woes, Black Sabbath's New Album and 2012's Best Film Dramas

The Week in Comments: Exclaim!'s Reader Feedback Roundup with HMV's Bankruptcy Woes, Black Sabbath's New Album and 2012's Best Film Dramas
As always, we've put together some of the great and not-so-great reactions to our online content with Exclaim!'s Reader Feedback Roundup. Here are just a few of the stories that have generated the most conversation this week.

First up, we have HMV's latest woes. We're all well aware of the music chain's struggles in the past few years, but the climb has just got steeper for the long-running company, as it went into administration this week in the UK, effectively taking it one big step towards bankruptcy.

Commenter Lord Guelph of the Highla's disappointment was short-lived pointing out that "now generations will grow up without music. Sad really, but hell, mp3s are free right?" In response, Crazyhorse argued, "kids don't know any better, they listen to crappy MP3's blasting out of their iPhone speakers. Really sad. I was in the West Edmonton Mall HMV on the weekend and they have a HUGE vinyl selection now. I thought things might have been turning around for them. It's sure nice to see all that analog glory." (Keep in mind that HMV Canada was sold to Hilco in 2011.)

Sick and tired of being sick and tired Scott carried us home saying, "HMV is overpriced and it's killing them...I can order an LP online for $10-$15. In HMV I can buy the same LP for $25. Now tell me again why I should feel bad about the fact that their business is failing? I don't steal music. I buy music. That being said, I don't want to get ripped off by some huge corporation when there are plenty of locally owned record stores that know how to run their business. If I can't find it at a local, I buy online."

News of Black Sabbath's new album release sparked quiet the discussion between the split personalities of commenter Fart-Pants McGariggle. On one hand, FPM's angry side said, "OMG BLACK SABBATH ARE SO LAMEEEE!!!! FUCK" followed by "iF tHeY KnEw how LaMe they were then they wouldn't release another stupid album FUCK." His split, however, felt quiet differently about the metal masters adding, "fuck off they're not lame. They wrote the ripper."

As with all of Exclaim!'s choice lists, our Best Films of 2012: Drama piece received a lot of attention this week especially surrounding our No. 2 pick, Take This Waltz. Commenter Canadian Film Industry pulled no punches when writing, "Take this Waltz is not a good movie. If it weren't Canadian and by Sarah Polley, who, for some reason, is immune to criticism, this hunk of shit would be universally dismissed for the drivel it is. The writing is poor, the characters cartoonish and shallow, the plot juvenile."

A [Sassy] Human Being got personal in his/her direct response, saying, "Canadian Film Industry — I suspect you've either never been in a long-term relationship or have never actually experienced any sort of human truth outside of posturing for validation. Your comment is embarrassing and makes me very, very sad about how truly simple people are. You should watch Compliance, the #4 movie of this list. I doubt you'd get it, or internalize it, but you should really try."

Backing Canadian Film Industry, chives2 wrote, "more like Take this's really sad that my tax dollars funded that juvenile, immature, tired, cliché, boring, unoriginal, and self-absorbed piece of shit. Here's some human truth: grow the fuck up and stop boring me with your dysfunctional ideas of love...There is more human truth is a Spice Girls movie than Take this Waltz."

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