The Week in Comments: Exclaim!'s Reader Feedback Roundup with Billy Corgan, Paper Lions, 'Prometheus'

The Week in Comments: Exclaim!'s Reader Feedback Roundup with Billy Corgan, Paper Lions, 'Prometheus'
In this week's Reader Feedback Roundup, Exclaim! readers comment on everything from band beefs to advanced album streams to film reviews. For just a glimpse of what you had to say, keep on reading.

First, Smashing Pumpkins leader Billy Corgan made headlines when he took issue with pompousness in music, using Radiohead to illustrate his example and saying he'd like to "piss on fuckin' Radiohead." Twitter user @carlyrhiannon was quick to see the irony. "BILLY CORGAN is accusing someone else of 'pomposity'?!?!?!? That's rich." Other @exclaimdotca followers also got in on the action. "Despite all his rage he's still just a douchebag in a cage," tweeted @SkipScarborough.

Over on, people were divided in their loyalties. G said, "Personally, I'd take Radiohead's worst over the Pumpkin's best." On the flip side, Tyler said, "Billy Corgan can piss on everything after and including Kid A. Hose it all down. Be my guest."

Next, lots of folks were excited about two new EPs streaming on Paper Lions' At Long Creek, which comes out on Saturday (June 16), and Die Mannequin's Danceland, which arrived Tuesday (June 12). Of the former, Iris said, "This EP is brilliant. You've done it again, Paper Lions, I freaking love you." Echoing that sentiment, Emma said, "Funny how they sound even better live. I'd definitely see another one of their shows."

As for Die Mannequin's release, several responses were equally glowing. "SWEETNESS!!! DM ROCKS," exclaimed Jenn Vitelli. GTHimself agreed and expressed some national pride, calling the band "Canada's finest."

Finally, there were many positive reactions to our review of Ridley Scott's Prometheus, which earned the Exclaim! Mark of Excellence. "My nerd boner is growing," said Canopy, to which Steve replied, "Lol 'Nerd Boner.'"

After opening night this past Friday (June 8), we took to Facebook and asked readers for their thoughts on the movie. Danielle Mckenzie was somewhat ambivalent, saying, "I thought there would be a little more action but it was pretty good." Jonny Dovercourt played the cynic and called the film "a massively crushing disappointment."

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