The Week in Comments: Exclaim!'s Reader Feedback Roundup with Leonard Cohen, Jack White, and the Best of Metal & Hardcore Albums of 2012

The Week in Comments: Exclaim!'s Reader Feedback Roundup with Leonard Cohen, Jack White, and the Best of Metal & Hardcore Albums of 2012
Exclaim! has once again rounded up feedback from some of our more expressive readers. Here are some of the highlights of what they have recently been discussing.

This week, we began rolling out our Best Albums of 2012 lists starting with the Metal and Hardcore list. In response, Aly commented, "The new High on Fire didn't seem too dynamic compared to the rest of the list but aside from that, looking forward to checking out some other releases here!"

Nameless Poseur, meanwhile, pointed out that Meshuggah's album Koloss was not on the list. Lincoln McCrea argued "that the bands listed in this list have done more to push their respective genres than Meshuggah and Koloss. While they helped to push the limits of metal with different strumming techniques and time signatures, we have to remember that neither band delivered a career altering opus. Those 15 acts listed here, in my opinion did just that. Not only did they provide different glimpses into their inner circles, they made us think about the things occurring around us. They won't be on the best of list just because they put albums out. The fact that they have great pasts to back them up doesn't mean anything unless they continue to grow and evolve. This year, there just wasn't enough new to go around."

However, it should be noted that Koloss is in fact the name of Meshuggah's album and not another band entirely.

In news, Jack White seemingly called out Lady Gaga — something he quickly clarified, saying his quotes were taken out of context by the media. Ohvoterecoeur said, "very classy, Jack. I applaud you." Daveowensmusic added, "Jack White is one of the last true rock stars…purist, and I dig that."

Iago_agogo exclaimed, "Come on Jack! Just say it! Lady Gaga sucks! Don't mince words. Her music and her act is contrived, imitative, shallow junk. Just say it!" Rljd fired back, "I enjoy the White Stripes & Jack White more than I enjoy Lady Gaga's music, but that trio of adjectives you just flung sticks to HIS work a lot more readily than it does to hers."

In concerts, Leonard Cohen played the Air Canada Centre in Toronto last week and his longtime fans were delighted. Ken wrote, "Great review. The new material sounded fabulous and LC was in even better form than when I caught him in 2008. My only quibble is the grade: if that wasn't a 10/10 concert, I don't know what is!"

Prince Speed River Sitter said, "I wish everyone was there. It was pricey but dowsers did he school all the grant stuffed Canadian big fish small pond schlock rock we get filled with here and at every festival. If only he did the show for $20 and played 6 nights with a few days off to rest. He is 78!!!!!! Then all would know what I mean by the shear master here, not many can pull off such a show and take it from the prince. I see many shows. This show was the shizzle. He is the man, If only se could type as low as he sings."

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