The Week in Comments: Exclaim!'s Reader Feedback Roundup with Axl Rose, Morrissey, the Stepkids

The Week in Comments: Exclaim!'s Reader Feedback Roundup with Axl Rose, Morrissey, the Stepkids
Wednesday is hump day, and as most people look forward to the weekend, Exclaim! looks back on your opinions about the week in music news with our Reader Feedback Roundup.

For starters, a lot of people seemed pretty sick of Axl Rose's antics when he popped up in the news again after allegedly forcing Guns N' Roses fans to remove Slash T-shirts at a concert in London. One reader went so far as to call for a boycott. "Axl needs to go away. People, PLEASE stop giving this buffoon your money," commented CDN Curmudgeon. Other readers also lined up on the Slash side of the feud. "What's for sure is SLASH has more class," said Ms M, while NoelWavey added, "[Axl]'s just getting angry again because the new Slash album is actually good."

On the other hand, readers voiced their support of Morrissey's denouncement of Queen Elizabeth II's Diamond Jubilee and his condemnation of the royal family as "utterly useless." "I agree with the guy! I don't want to see them royal fucks come in Quebec!" said Commando8. Commenter Ithinkx saw Morrissey's point while remaining incredulous of his strong stances. "I agree with him on the monarchy but I have a hard time listening to the opinion of a musician who has said 'reggae is vile.'"

Next up, we reported on the Copyright Board of Canada's new charge for playing recorded music at public events and large private gatherings such as weddings and karaoke bars. Exclaim! readers were pretty baffled. "We are now going to plan spontaneous 2minute street parties & everyone runs when it attracts the wrong attention," suggested Denver. Alanranta agreed with that sentiment and joked, "Parades are the new illegal downloading." Twitter user @dfendu perhaps summed up our collective reaction the best, saying, "What?..."

Meanwhile, over on the Exclaim! TV YouTube channel, our video of the Stepkids performing an arrangement of "500 Miles High" by Chick Corea and Return to Forever received a lot of positive feedback. "What an amazing performance and great to know they love RTF as much as I. A+A+A+A+," said Satan165. Snakeoilsounds was also quite enthusiastic, proclaiming, "FUSION IS BACK."

Finally, on a slow and rainy Friday here at the Exclaim! office, we asked readers via Facebook, "If you could ask our Editor in Chief, James Keast, anything and have him answer... what are some questions you would ask!?" Jesse Arnup wanted to know, "What do you like on your pizza?" On a thoughtful note, Colin James Gibson asked, "Who do you think is the most underrated Canadian artist currently?"

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