Weaves "Drag Me Down" (One Direction cover)

Weaves 'Drag Me Down' (One Direction cover)
Gritty Toronto indie rock unit Weaves had a big year in 2015, playing huge festivals and teasing their upcoming debut LP with the excellent "Tick." To cap it all off, the band teamed up to record a special session with Rdio, but given the streaming service's recent bankruptcy, the band are opting to give away the results for free.
The project hears them offering up their own rendition of current chart-topping pop hit "Drag Me Down" from British boy band phenomenon One Direction.
"It might seem like a strange choice, but we are obsessed with pop songs and strong hooks," explained frontwoman Jasmyn Burke in a statement. "So the challenge was not so much changing everything about the song, but elevating certain parts and adding our own touch so a song meant to appeal to teenage girls would in fact sound like a new Weaves tune."
The final product is thick with distorted grooves and woozy vocals, and while it can easily pass itself off as being totally distinct from the saccharine sounds of 1D, it remains undeniably catchy.
Give it a listen in the player below, and if you dig what you hear, give it a free download.