Weaves "Candy"

Weaves 'Candy'
Toronto's Weaves are gearing up to unleash their self-titled debut full-length later this year, and the band have just shared another cut off the upcoming album.
Following up "One More," new track "Candy" is a searing serving of eccentric indie rock that is sure to shake up your speakers. Blistering, angular guitars give way to plucky bass and frontwoman Jasmyn Burke's electrifying vocals, but come screeching back in with a vengeance before long.
"'Candy' is one of the first tracks that we worked on and I remember there was an immediate excitement that came after demoing it with just Morgan [Waters] and myself in his room," Burke said in a press release. "It's impulsive and almost too much, but definitely one we're most proud of as a band. It feels really sweet tasting in my brain. Like a bright pink piece of cake. Very rambunctious in a way. Living life just like a pie, sweeter in the seams, ya know? Life is sometimes rough but you can hit that sweet spot and I wanted to try and write that down. Fantasizing about a way to live and behave and hoping everyone is on board to join in the fruitful haze."
Let the song sweep you away into a sugar coma in the player below. Weaves is due out on June 17 through Buzz Records.