Wayne Omaha Can the Maps. Go For the Beauty

One listen to the debut full-length from unabashed Toronto hippies Wayne Omaha, and you'll want you to grow your hair and shake your thang in some vague imitation of that dance people do at Phish shows. It'll be embarrassing, but you won't mind, because the Wayne-Os want to pass the good times around and everyone gets a toke. It's a slower psychedelic vibe, for the most part; just go at your own pace ¾ as the title indicates, the journey is more important than the destination. The lyrics are not one of the reasons you'll want to hang with these mellow groovesters, though ¾ several songs consist almost entirely of a single line ("There is no love in the world anymore"; "Sometimes you gotta take the stairs"; "Don't drink the water in Mexico"). It's all about the vibe, and Wayne Omaha has that in spades; they're talented musicians and their inventiveness makes this much more than a one-note party. Beauty on. (Independent)