Wayne Coyne Talks the "the Velvet Underground Meets 'Super Mario Brothers'" Sonics of Flaming Lips' Six-Hour Song

Wayne Coyne Talks the 'the Velvet Underground Meets 'Super Mario Brothers'' Sonics of Flaming Lips' Six-Hour Song
As previously reported, psychedelic weirdos the Flaming Lips are currently working on a song that will clock in at an astounding six hours in length. Now, frontman Wayne Coyne has spoken up about the track, entitled "I Found This Star on the Ground," and it's shaping up to be even more bizarre than we initially thought.

According to the singer, the song resembles "the Velvet Underground meets Super Mario Brothers." In a Rolling Stone interview, he explained, "If you've ever played the Mario Brothers game or it you've had it on in he background, you could listen to a Mario Brothers-type videogame forever because its kind of just 'do do do do do la ta da ta da.'"

So how are fans supposed to listen to a six-hour song? Well, it's intended an as accompaniment for the band's new strobe-light toy, and Coyne hopes that it will give fans a fun drug-taking experience. Here's what he said about the product:

This song is being released in conjunction with this weird little strobe-light toy that we're putting out. Part of my reasoning is that I wanted there to be some type of music that you could play while you played with this toy -- you spin this little disc, and it has these little animations on it that kind of come to life when you put this strobe light on it. And you could play with it for hours. I mean, I don't know if you could play with it for six hours, but it's kind of meant so that kids can, like, take LSD and play with it. You know, that's kind of our intention, so that people buy it at like a festival, and then go back to their parents' and take some acid and play with it all night. So it's a song you can play while you're sitting at your computer, you plug it in and it plays all night.

We're not sure that parents are going to be excited about Coyne's idea, but we've got to give the Flaming Lips credit for channelling the spirit of 1967 here in 2011. Watch Coyne talk about the product in the video at the bottom of this page. Scroll past that and you can hear some extracts from the recording session.

For those who don't want to take acid, Coyne admitted that they probably won't want to sit down and listened to the entire thing in a single sitting. "They might go through it and listen to it a couple of minutes at a time and think, 'Okay, that sounds cool,'" he said. "It's not intended for intense listening. It's intended to be, while you're fucking your girlfriend, this on in the background. I mean, you're supposed to be doing something cool while this plays."

"I Found This Star on the Ground" will also include a long list of names of fans who donated money for the Humane Society and the Academy of Contemporary Music. Coyne estimated that there are over 200 names, and revealed that many of them are read by John Lennon's son Sean.

"He's read this whole list over the phone in kind of this strange tone that I think sounds like his father," the singer revealed. "It's meant to sound eerily like the ghost of John Lennon or something."

There's no word as to exactly when the song and strobe-light toy will be available, but judging by the band's prolific recent output, it won't be long. And what are the Flaming Lips planning to do next? Well, they intend to continue rolling out bizarre music and product combos, with current ideas including a stomp box, a gummy frog, a "mega skull" and a music-playing watch. Stay tuned for more genuinely insane developments.