Waxwork Unveils 'My Bloody Valentine,' 'The Howling' for 2016 Subscription Series

Waxwork Unveils 'My Bloody Valentine,' 'The Howling' for 2016 Subscription Series
Soundtrack imprint Waxwork Records is ringing through the holiday season with terrifying vinyl releases for Black Christmas and Krampus, but wait until you see the creepy collections it has in store for 2016. The label's annual subscription service confirms it will be pressing up scores for grizzly Canadian-made slasher My Bloody Valentine, Nazi zombie flick Shock Waves and more.

A blog post uploaded today (December 16) has Waxwork noting that, like last year, the label will be offering up several of its titles through the service, as well as bonus goodies. Four titles have been confirmed so far, while a "very special, and secret release" has yet to be revealed.

Though it's unclear when any of these are due to land, the first release listed is Richard Einhorn's score to 1977 exploitation flick Shock Waves. The movie itself concerns a bunch of shipwrecked tourists unlucky enough to have stumbled upon an undead brigade of Nazis. Waxwork notes that this was "one of the very first 100 percent electronic film scores," and that this marks the first vinyl appearance of the full score.

My Bloody Valentine has a rep for being one of the more gruesome slashers to have come out of the early '80s, and Waxwork will be saluting composer Paul Zaza's (Prom Night, Curtains) score with its first-ever commercial release. Zaza worked with the imprint, letting them enter his archives to transfer all of its cues from the master tapes. This includes incidentals from deleted scenes.

Lightening the mood significantly will be a soundtrack release behind Rankin & Bass's Halloween-themed Mad Monster Party stop-motion film from 1967. The film featured the voices of Boris Karloff and Phyllis Diller, and a rock'n'roll performance from a groovy, mop-topped band of skeletons.

Lastly, Pino Donaggio's score to Joe Dante's werewolf picture The Howling is due to drop at some point next year. Waxwork recently delivered a 12-inch pressing of Donaggio's music for mannequin-heavy horror Tourist Trap.

The details on the fifth release are expected sometime next year.

Though commercial, standalone releases of these soundtracks should be expected, the subscription series offers customers exclusive colour variants. Additionally, you'll get price breaks on anything else Waxwork releases in 2016, and you get a T-shirt, enamel pin and tote out of the deal.

Canadian customers will be able to subscribe for $275 USD. Subscriptions go on sale this Friday (December 18).

To get you excited, please find the trailers for each film down below.