Waxlimbs "Spots" / "Breathing"

Waxlimbs 'Spots' / 'Breathing'
Toronto electronic musician Waxlimbs is known for his exploratory ways, and now the man also called Alex Metcalfe has offered a new glimpse of his inventive output with a single containing the tracks "Spots" and "Breathing."

"Spots" overlays rat-a-tatting drum machines with synth textures that shift between moodily atmospheric and harshly in-your-face. The five-and-a-half-minute track incorporates darkly dramatic vocals from Mash and squalling synth breaks. On the flip, "Breathing" features Isabella Davis and is a little more laid back with its hazily drifting grooves and soothing coos.

You can stream the tracks below and grab them as a free download for a limited time over here via Rare Beef.