Wavves "Goldy Lox" / "Glued" / "Hula Hoop"

Wavves 'Goldy Lox' / 'Glued' / 'Hula Hoop'
Wavves have spent much of the year touring behind 2010 LP King of the Beach, but that hasn't stopped songwriter Nathan Williams from rolling out a series of free tracks online. The latest free digital release is a collection of three songs recorded during drummer Zach Hill's stint with the project in 2009.

"Goldy Lox" is an instrumental that mixes a triumphant fuzz rock stomp with atmospheric keyboards and psychedelic flourishes. "Glued" takes a more straightforward pop rock approach, with more of the ultra-distorted production and beach-centric lyrics that have become Wavves' trademark. The track also contains an unexpected slide guitar break.

The last track, "Hula Hoop," is a manic punk rocker that races by on three minutes of pure adrenaline, as Williams rages about all the things he hates. Listen to all three songs below.