Watermelon Prep 'Cassette' for Green Burrito Records

Watermelon Prep 'Cassette' for Green Burrito Records
Vancouver's Green Burrito Records put out cassettes from Gal Gracen and Aaron Read last month, and now the busy label is back with another release, this time from Vancouver garage-pop outfit Watermelon. The functionally titled Cassette is out this Friday (March 8).

The seven-song EP has apparently been pending for more than a year, but the band and label were spurred into action when bassist/producer Sophie Sweetland announced that she would be leaving Vancouver for six months. This inspired Watermelon to buckle down and finish the songs over the past two weeks.

According to the label, "The release is an effortless DIY excavation of hooks, jangle and noise." Stream the droopy-eyed post-punk cut "Holy Water" and the noisily climactic "Michael" below.

Watermelon will launch Cassette with a March 8 show in Vancouver at John Studios (1870 Pandora St.). This is also the soft opening of Green Burrito's new studio/venue space. The bill includes White Poppy, Spider Legs, Soft Serve and Flyin'.


1. Michael

2. Hell Mouth

3. Fog

4. Golden Ray Migration

5. Kill Two Birds

6. Holy Water

7. Hatchet