Watch U.K. Mathcore Band Rolo Tomassi Blare Through "Estranged" Live

The show at Scala was their biggest headliner to date
Watch U.K. Mathcore Band Rolo Tomassi Blare Through 'Estranged' Live
Rolo Tomassi have had a hell of a year. Time Will Die and Love Will Bury It was released to rave reviews, and they just wrapped a U.S. tour with the Number Twelve Looks Like You. Now the band is giving back to fans in the form of "The 5 Days of Rolo," during which they're releasing live videos from their most recent London gig everyday, with this one for "Estranged" closing out the celebration.

Those who became acquainted with the Sheffield band via their latest opus might not recognize the track, which led off 2015's Grievances. It's quite the different album opening to their latest, with the group only reigning in the chaos for a melodic midsection. It's the kind of dynamics that got them on our list of bands leading an especially experimental year for metal and hardcore.

The synth break comes courtesy of vocalist James Spence, who spends the majority of the song trading off lines with co-vocalist (and sister) Eva Spence while the rest of the band members fly around them. This song was the first of the band's encore and, given the enthusiasm with which they performed, it's no surprise they stayed out for one last song to satisfy the rabid fans at this, their biggest headline show to date.

Watch the performance in the player below, and check out our interview with James here if you're craving more Rolo Tomassi.