Watch Tyler, the Creator Flip Through Hip-Hop Mag History with Nardwuar

Their fourth interview together took place at Vancouver's Beat Street Records
Watch Tyler, the Creator Flip Through Hip-Hop Mag History with Nardwuar
Even after three interviews with Tyler, the Creator over eight years, Nardwuar the Human Serviette continues to find new asks and angles, and his latest chat with the Grammy-winning artist is proof. 

After getting together at Vancouver's Neptoon Records in 2019, Nardwuar and Tyler recently met up at the city's Beat Street Records for their fourth interview together — fifth if you count their raucous run-in at the Day N Vegas festival in 2019.

At Beat Street, the two head upstairs to the shop's back room to discuss Tyler's custom Chris-Craft boat stage piece, the time he auditioned for a Cheerios commercial, influential school teachers and much more. Gifts for the artist included a Chris-Craft LP, a stylish short-sleeve shirt that fits well enough, and more vinyl from H-Town, Sun City Girls, Trina and others.

Tyler also took the time to explore Beat Street's sizeable collection of hip-hop magazines from years past, even sharing a bit about Odd Future's 2011 Billboard cover Nardwuar had on hand for the interview.

Combing through boxes of back issues, he was amazed to come across an issue of The Source with "the God" Q-Tip on the cover, and an issue of Urb featuring the Neptunes that he remembered being unable to buy while on a school field trip.

Tyler would later add of his visit in an Instagram story, "This was great. I deeply love music and physical things, so this trip was special. A toy store for my brain and a safe place where I could be passionate about sound, thank you."

We recently named Nardwuar one of 30 Artists Who Defined Exclaim!'s First 30 Years, and for someone as appreciative of physical media as Tyler, Exclaim!'s archive (and 2011 Odd Future cover story) is always open.

You can watch their complete interview below.