​Watch Travis Scott Fall Down a Hole During Drake's London Show

​Watch Travis Scott Fall Down a Hole During Drake's London Show
Canadian export Drake is currently in the midst of his "The Boy Meets World Tour" in the UK, and he's been hanging out with familiar faces both onstage and backstage during the jaunt — but his good pal Travis Scott decided to mix things up by falling right through the stage last night (February 1).
Scott came out to deliver a few songs, and during "Goosebumps," he certainly got a fright when he went right into a giant hole in the middle of the stage. Drake helped his friend up from the fall and announced: "That's turnt."
Scott confirmed Drake's assessment of the situation on Twitter.

The gap was built into the setup to accommodate the humungous glowing globe — designed by none other than "Hotline Bling" video director Director X and formerly displayed in front of Toronto's City Hall as part of Nuit Blanche — that's been a part of Drizzy's recent shows.
According the BBC, Scott wasn't injured in the incident, but the massive spherical art installation was damaged and unable to be brought out during last night's show.
As a result, Drake promised the 20,000 fans in attendance that he would cover the cost of their concert-going experience. Towards the end of the show, he told the crowd: "London England, I love you, I hope you enjoyed your free show."
Below, watch fan-shot footage of Scott's onstage tumble.