Watch Tom Morello Rage Against a Machine

"Put a phone in my face onstage and I'll throw it"
Watch Tom Morello Rage Against a Machine
You might get a kick from Rob Halford or a stern talking-to from Bob Dylan for being glued to your cellphone throughout a live performance, but if you put yours anywhere near Tom Morello during a live performance, you best believe it's getting thrown into the crowd.

Morello did exactly that during a performance in Illinois earlier this week, bringing a new definition to "Rage Against the Machine" by launching a selfie-seeking fan's phone into the audience.

Towards the end of the set, Morello invited a number of fans onstage with him to close out the evening. Chicago's 101WKQX and multiple fans confirmed on Twitter that Morello asked fans to keep their phones in their pockets, urging them to enjoy the moment.

As seen in the video below, one fan didn't quite get the message and promptly had his phone pitched away by the guitarist. Following the footage making its way online, Morello clarified he isn't anti-selfie, but would rather interactions of the sort happen when he isn't performing. He also confirmed that the fan ended up getting his phone back.
Morello released solo album The Atlas Underground last year.