​Watch the Rolling Stones' 1964 Rice Krispies Commercial

​Watch the Rolling Stones' 1964 Rice Krispies Commercial
Mick Jagger turned 73 earlier this week, so it only makes sense that fans have been revisiting his career and paying homage to the Rolling Stones frontman's many accomplishments.
In the process, a Rice Krispies commercial from back in 1964 has surfaced online, and it features a jingle performed by none other than the Stones themselves.
It's believed that the lyrics were written by founding member Brian Jones, though it's Jagger's unmistakable drawl that tosses out choice lyrics like: "Wake up in the morning, there's a crackle in your face."

Take a trip down memory lane by watching the recently unearthed ad below.
Even at 73, Jagger and the band are showing no signs of slowing down; they are reportedly working on new material with Eric Clapton and will play "Oldchella" this fall.