Watch the Pack A.D. Capture These Isolated Times with Their "Give Up" Video

The song appears on the Vancouver duo's final album 'It was fun while it lasted'
Watch the Pack A.D. Capture These Isolated Times with Their 'Give Up' Video
The Pack A.D. gave us their final album It was fun while it lasted this spring, and the Vancouver duo are now circling back to the record with a new video. The clip is for the album's "Give Up," and you can watch the very era-appropriate video now.

The "Give Up" video was directed by Matt Leaf, with the Pack A.D. doing the video following lockdown. As such, the clip was shot with the help of drones and edited at home, and as a press release puts it, "the final product is a dystopian and heartbreaking visual that captures the unsettling isolation many of us now face."

In a statement, drummer Maya Miller said, "This wasn't the original idea we had for the video, but with the current pandemic, we had to get creative. I think what we got, is a far more engaging and frankly, gorgeous story, then it would have been. Mostly our videos run a little (read: very much) on the dark side. This is the prettiest piece of film, that Matt has made for us. Incredibly sad but, damn, it's pretty."

 On making the video, Leaf had the following to say:

I had been flying drones a lot for a TV show I work on, so I suggested shooting the empty streets of Vancouver and boarded up buildings downtown. The band loved the idea, and with good reason: we would never get a chance to shoot anything like this ever again. The performance elements of the video were shot with social distancing in mind, not even allowing the band to be close to one another during the shoot. And me, well, I'm used to shooting without a crew. I rented a drone and kept my distance, photographing 80% of the video from an unmanned aircraft. Even the anamorphic shots in the video were shot using a longer lens, allowing Becky and I to be 6 feet apart. It was jarring shooting the video in such an impersonal way, but I feel like the final product is more personal than anything I've done before.

Watch the resulting "Give Up" video below, and read Exclaim!'s review of It was fun while it lasted.