Watch Shadowy Men on a Shadowy Planet, Glen Hansard, Father John Misty and More in Our Exclaim! TV Roundup

Watch Shadowy Men on a Shadowy Planet, Glen Hansard, Father John Misty and More in Our Exclaim! TV Roundup
Summer reruns bringing you down? Get your television fix with the quality music programming on Exclaim! TV. We've been plenty busy the past couple weeks, so here's a roundup of the latest live performances and interviews.

First off, Shadowy Men on a Shadowy Planet (pictured) played together for the first time in almost 20 years at the St. Alban's Boys and Girls Club in Toronto. The Juno Award winners who penned the iconic Kids in the Hall theme song performed to an audience of happy and smiling kids, who really seemed to dig the band's instrumental indie rock. Dallas Good of the Sadies filled in for the group's original bassist, the late Reid Diamond. The reunion video is a sneak peak of what to expect when the Shadowy Men play Exclaim!'s 20th Anniversary Concert Series on July 14 at Lee's Palace.

In one of the more high-profile recent sessions, we caught up with Oscar and Tony award recipient Glen Hansard before the release of his first solo effort, Rhythm and Repose, which came out last Tuesday (June 19). He showed off his range with the impassioned "High Hope" and the hushed "Come Away to the Water," a song he wrote for the Hunger Games soundtrack that appears as a bonus track on the new album.

We also posted a second video from our acoustic session with the Drums. Backstage at Toronto's Phoenix Concert Theatre, they performed the single "Money" off their album Portamento, a catchy love song perfect for the broke and underemployed millennial generation.

Over at the city's Horseshoe Tavern, meanwhile, former Fleet Foxes drummer Josh Tillman served up the slinking "Nancy From Now On" single from Fear Fun, his debut as Father John Misty.

As always, when it comes to Canadian content, we've had some top-tier musicians on Exclaim! TV. Joel Plaskett strummed a tenor guitar at the Queen Elizabeth Theatre for "I'm Yours" off his newest LP Scrappy Happiness, while C.L. McLaughlin of the National Shield set up in his backyard with Julie Doiron and Tom Tischer to play "The New Restitution Is None" from the Weird Lines release. Also, here at the Exclaim! office, Danielle Duval dropped by and ran through "Day Becomes Night" from her debut Of the Valley.

On top of all that, on Mondays, we've continued posting segments from Parental Advisory, the show Exclaim! is co-producing with AUX that lends insight into the upbringing of popular indie artists. Becky Black of the Pack A.D. recalled dancing in a spandex suit to an Aretha Franklin tape when she was seven years old. AWOLNATION's Aaron Bruno also remembered his earliest music tastes, which growing up in the '80s meant a whole lot of commercial pop like Michael Jackson and Madonna. Finally, Chris Cresswell of the Flatliners illustrated the importance of parental support for aspiring young punk bands, especially when a ride home is necessary after a night of underage drinking.