Watch Ricky Gervais Frolic in a Field with a "Lady Gypsy"

Watch Ricky Gervais Frolic in a Field with a 'Lady Gypsy'
It had already been announced this year that Ricky Gervais was bringing David Brent from The Office to the big screen for Life on the Road, but it's now been confirmed that he'll let the clueless, comical character tickle your earholes with his very own album. Coincidentally also titled Life on the Road, fictional folkie Brent's debut album with backup band Foregone Conclusion is out August 19.

As previously reported, the film itself is a mockumentary presenting Brent 15 years after first being filmed on the job at Wernham-Hogg. Life on the Road traces his time spent travelling with his band, Foregone Conclusion. While living the dream, in a sense, it's hinted that the tour isn't exactly the most successful of ventures.

Regardless, a full album's worth of music from Brent is being released, with colourfully titled songs including "Thank Fuck It's Friday," "Freeway Freelove," "Ooh La La" and more. "Electricity" also features a guest spot from Coldplay's Chris Martin. Some of these had previously been premiered through YouTube tutorial series "Learn Guitar with David Brent."

To help promote the album/movie, a video has now been released for Life on the Road's "Gypsy Girl." As you can see below, the clip finds Brent traipsing around an idyllic field solo, ahead of meeting with the titular figure. They then enter a conversation on the nature of love, and the validity of revolving your home-spun business around quite-freely available heather.

Life on the Road hits UK theatres August 19, the same day as the album.

Life on the Road:

1. Ooh La La
2. Native American
3. Lonely Cowboy
4. Freelove Freeway
5. Life on The Road
6. Slough
7. Thank F**k It's Friday
8. Lady Gypsy
9. Please Don't Make Fun of The Disableds
10. Paris Nights
11. Don't Cry It's Christmas
12. Spaceman
13. Equality Street
14. Ain't No Trouble
15. Electricity (ft. Chris Martin)
16. Electricity (alternate version)
17. Native American (alternate version)
18. Life on the Road (alternate version)
19. Slough (alternate version)
20. Cards We're Dealt