Watch Nardwuar Interview Logic (Again)

The rapper is a big fan of Dan Bejar
Watch Nardwuar Interview Logic (Again)
A lot has changed with Logic since Nardwuar the Human Serviette first interviewed the Maryland MC back in 2014, and the two have now gotten back together in Vancouver for a second interview.

The 14-minute clip finds Nardwuar and Logic talking about the MC's work with the Rockville Football League, his father's history as a musician, and his love of Dan Bejar's music as Destroyer.

Gifts for Logic included a J Dilla-branded Crosley turntable, along with a stack of vinyl that included Destroyer's recent City of Daughters vinyl reissue, a Spider-Man 12-inch and an Evaporators 7-inch to play on the tour bus.

Watch the complete interview below.

Logic's album Everybody is available on CD from Umusic.