​Watch Kanye West Bring Too Much "Realness" to 'Ellen'

​Watch Kanye West Bring Too Much 'Realness' to 'Ellen'
Drake dropped by Ellen earlier this week, keeping things fun and breezy, but Kanye West opted to take a different approach when he appeared as the talk show's guest yesterday (May 18).
Primarily communicating in one-word answers, Yeezy talked to Ellen Degeneres about his family. He loosens up a bit when they get to talking about his infamous Twitter account, saying he doesn't regret any of the 140-character messages he's sent or think he should edit himself online, adding with a laugh: "What's the point of thinking?"
He then unleashes a stream of classic Kanye-isms as Degeneres tries to keep a straight face. When he settles down from an impromptu crowd hype-up, his unbridled passion gives way to a poignant, personal stream-of-consciousness rant about his art and ideas, ending by saying, "I'm sorry daytime television, I'm sorry for the realness."
After that, things lighten up again with a silly game show within a talk show called "5 Second Rule" in which the rapper is asked to name three things that are hairy. His answer? "Balls, balls, balls."
Watch his segments on Ellen in the players below.