​Watch Grimes Do Her Pregnancy Skin Care Routine

And then paint a crazy tree on her forehead
​Watch Grimes Do Her Pregnancy Skin Care Routine
Grimes has a new album and a new baby on the way, but she's apparently keeping the stress under control with an elaborate skin care routine.
The producer/singer is the latest celebrity to shoot their skin rituals for Vogue, and Grimes' is exactly as eccentric as you'd expect.
She starts off by applying moisturizers, serums and eye creams, and massaging her face. Then comes sunscreen and foundation. Then things take a dark turn with black lip liner, eyeliner and blue mascara.
"I like having bags under my eyes," she explains. "I like looking kinda scary."
From there, she picks up a black liquid liner pen and draws hearts, then a massive tree-like design in the middle of her forehead.
Watch the entire journey below.
Grimes' new album Miss Anthropocene arrives February 21 via Crystal Math Music/4AD.