Watch An Exclusive Excerpt From Daft Punk's Electroma!

Watch An Exclusive Excerpt From Daft Punk's <i>Electroma</i>!
As of July 22, you can go out and grab your DVD copy of Electroma, Daft Punk's face-melting, tear-jerking, robotic soap opera. Vice Records, which is distributing the film in North America, has given us an exclusive excerpt from the legendary Parisians' directorial debut (see below).

Here is a quick plot summary, according to the all-knowing Wikipedia:

The two lead characters, credited as "Hero Robot No. 1" and "Hero Robot No. 2," appear as the robotic forms of Daft Punk. An opening scene shows the duo driving in a 1987 Ferrari 412 with its license plate displaying "HUMAN." After passing through a Southwestern United States landscape, the duo arrives by car at a town in Inyo County, California. The town's denizens are also shown to be robots physically identical to the two main characters, but at different ages, with different clothing and alternating gender.

Robot No. 1 and Robot No. 2 drive to a high-tech facility where liquid latex is poured over their heads. The latex is shaped into human-like faces with the aid of prosthetic appliances and wigs. When the two leave the facility, the locals of the town are shocked by their new appearance. While they are chased by the other robots, the duo's faces melt in the sun. The two take cover in a public restroom and discard the ruined masks. The pair then undergo a lengthy hike across desert salt flats.

After walking for a while, Robot No. 1 gives up. He removes his jacket and reveals a set of buttons on his back. Robot No. 2 operates them and starts a countdown. When the countdown ends, Robot No. 1 is blown to pieces. The remaining robot continues to walk but eventually also gives up. He falls to his knees and tries to reach the buttons on his own back, but to no avail. Instead, he removes his helmet and reveals a printed circuit board face. He repeatedly slams the helmet onto the ground until it is shattered. Using one of the shards as a burning-glass, he focuses the sunlight to set his hand ablaze. The film ends showing the robot, completely on fire, walking in slow motion through darkness.