Warhorse Get Treated to Reissue by Southern Lord

Warhorse Get Treated to Reissue by Southern Lord
Ten years following the dissolution of doom crew Warhorse, Southern Lord has revealed plans to put the Massachusetts metal unit's powerfully gloomy As Heaven Turns to Ash... platter back in print.

The label will deliver a new double-LP pressing of the group's sole full-length on February 24. A press release explains that the original edition, issued in 2001, has been long out-of-print and is "rabidly sought after." OG copies are currently fetching high prices on the resale market.

In addition to the "recklessly downtuned sound voyages" of the nine-song album, which Exclaim! had described as featuring some of the "heaviest, down-tuned doom ever captured to disc," this updated version also tacks on Warhorse's two-song I Am Dying EP from 2002. This was the band's last release before calling it quits in 2005.

Along with the vinyl reissue, the set will be available digitally.

Formed in 1996, the trio had delivered a pair of demos and a couple of EPs before issuing As Heaven Turns to Ash....

As Heaven Turns to Ash...:

1. Dusk

2. Doom's Bride

3. Black Acid Prophecy

4. Amber Vial

5. Every Flower Dies No Matter The Thorns (Whither)

6. Lysergic Communion

7. Dawn

8. Scrape

9. And The Angels Begin To Weep

I Am Dying:

1. I Am Dying

2. Horizons Burn Red