Want to Spend Stupid Money on Neil Young's Supreme Merch? You're in Luck

Want to Spend Stupid Money on Neil Young's Supreme Merch? You're in Luck
Earlier this week, we learned that Neil Young had teamed up with New York fashion label Supreme for a new T-shirt sporting the Canadian rock icon's image. The T-shirt went on sale yesterday (February 19), but promotional posters are also on the market, with both commanding high prices on eBay.

As NY Mag points out, wheat-pasted posters of the image, shot by infamous photographer Terry Richardson, have gone up in select cities worldwide. But people have been removing the promotional posters from surfaces and placing them on the resale market.

For instance, an eBay seller identified only as "the Secret Squirrel" hoarded a bunch of posters and has been selling them through the online auction service. A trio of slightly warped but relatively in-good-shape posters are currently available at a "buy it now" price of $450 US ($563.22 CDN). So far, the highest bid is at $51 US, but there are still four days to go. He also has a few banged-up posters going up for more reasonable prices.

This seller isn't the only one trying to cash in on the posters, though, with others starting their auctions at $100 US.

"I just walked over and touched one and it was still sopping wet with paste, so I peeled it down, and it came right off. I was like, 'Cool, I got one!'" the Secret Squirrel told NY Mag. "I went on eBay and saw someone else listing one of these for $150, Buy It Now! And I was like, 'Shit, I should go get more.' I knew it would go for dough. So I went out and got 25."

With the clothing item now officially up for grabs, eBay is also host to various auctions hocking the tee in different sizes and colours. Auctions for the items, which seem to come with the photo pasted on black, white, teal and red T-shirts, range anywhere from about $90 US to $150 US.

Buyer beware: there are some cheaper options out there, such as this pair of T-shirts at a starting bid of $24.99 US, but take a closer look and you'll see that they're knockoffs. Judging by the pic, the Young photo may have been grafted onto an ill-shaped Jerzees tee.

Down below, you'll find a quick trailer for the Supreme project, which has Young discussing his time at Woodstock, how the younger generation can change the world for the better, and more.