Want to Buy Kurt Cobain's Credit Card? Now You Can

Want to Buy Kurt Cobain's Credit Card? Now You Can
Psst, want to buy Kurt Cobain's credit card? Don't worry, this is totally legal — it's part of an auction of music memorabilia that is being sold through Paddle8. It opened yesterday (February 17) and will run until February 26.

The Nirvana frontman's Visa card from Seafirst Bank expired in February 1995 (so don't even try to use it). It features his signature in blue ballpoint pen on the back, and there's even what appears to be a phone number written on it. It comes with a credit card holder from the King of Clubs Slot Club.

This item is expected to fetch between $7,000 and $9,000 U.S., although the $5,500 reserve on the starting bid has not yet been met.

Some other notable items from the auction include Frank Sinatra's signed 1944 driver's licence, a handwritten U2 setlist, a cheque signed by Jim Morrison in 1968, and various signed records and photos (including Paul McCartney, Led Zeppelin, Pink Floyd, Bruce Springsteen, Elvis Presley, Madonna and more). See the auction here.

And if for some reason you wanted to see Paddle8's speculative list of things that Cobain could have bought with his credit card, here it is. It includes spiral-ring notebooks, oversized cardigans, Teen Spirit deodorant and — our favourite — ranch dressing.

This isn't the first time that a private item of Cobain's has been offered through a slightly invasive auction. A few years ago, his hospital bill went up for sale.

Thanks to Rolling Stone for the tip.