Walter TV "Paranormal Witness" (video)

Walter TV 'Paranormal Witness' (video)
Weirdo indie pop project Walter TV have returned with another video to support a forthcoming LP, this time capturing an animated dance party scored by their "Paranormal Witness."

The clip gets all sorts of weird straight off the bat, with a shirtless Mac DeMarco grooving out in front of a mixing board. The dance-a-thon soon escalates into a group thing, though, with the Walter TV guys flanking a CGI bikini babe.

While a wig-wearing skeleton also showed up to bro down, an assortment of non-sequitur shots of swimming sessions in the Blue Lagoon and vintage, behind the scenes footage of the half-human/half-animatronic Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles are also on display.

Though details are slim, Walter TV are apparently going to follow APPETITE with a new LP called BLESSED. An arrival time is TBA.