Walls of Jericho / The Red Chord / Turmoil The Opera House, Toronto ON March 28

Walls of Jericho / The Red Chord / Turmoil The Opera House, Toronto ON March 28
The Toronto hardcore/metal show had the spin-kicking slam-dancers out in full force and they were definitely given a run for their money. But the show could have done without the first two bands of the night, Redeemer and Arise and Ruin, as both bands' attempts at crossover thrash fell short.

The new and improved Turmoil, however, were impressive. The band's new vocalist, Nate Johnson (ex-Through The Eyes of The Dead), adds a much more aggressive deathcore vibe to Turmoil. Their set was mostly comprised of old material, but threw in the new forcefully lacerating track "Papercuts."

Up next were the Red Chord, who really got the crowd going. The technical hardcore/deathcore band's set included a mix of tunes from their last two albums, as well as a new song from their upcoming release. The highlight of their performance was "Dreaming in Dog Years," the only song they played from their 2002 debut Fused Together in Revolving Doors.

But Detroit, MI's hardcore/metal quintet Walls of Jericho owned the show, especially since this was their first headlining show in Toronto. The metalcore breakdowns and thrash-y riffs produced by guitarists Mike Hasty and Chris Rawson made the venue erupt from the moment the band hit the stage to the moment they left it. With energy unlike any other, as displayed by front-woman Candace Kucsulain, WoJ tore through an unrelentingly aggressive 12-song set.

Starting with "The New Ministry" from their latest album The American Dream, the band then went through their catalogue of full-length releases. "A Day and a Thousand Years" from 2004's All Hail The Dead, as well as "A Trigger Full of Promises" from 2006's With Devils Amongst Us All, were definite crowd pleasers.

The band also surprised their old school fans by throwing in "Playing Soldier Again" from their 1999 debut The Bound Feed The Gagged. With more intensely forceful tunes from their latest release, WoJ made sure that everyone left the venue sweaty and exhausted.