Wale More About Nothing Mixtape

Wale <i>More About Nothing</i> Mixtape
Washington, DC rapper Wale has released the follow-up mixtape to his 2008 career-making Mixtape About Nothing. The new Seinfeld-themed mix, dubbed More About Nothing, is now available to download in its entirety for free.

Download More About Nothing, courtesy of Rap Radar, over here.

More About Nothing:

1. "The Problem" (Produced by DJ Omega)

2. "The MC" (Produced by Mark Henry)

3. "The Soup" (Produced by Best Kept Secret)

4. "The Breeze" (Cool) ft. Wiz Khalifa & Tre of UCB (Produced by Best Kept Secret)

5. "The Friends N Strangers" ft. Tre of UCB (Produced by Kosmik)

6. "The Number Won (Competition)" (Produced by Bassheads)

7. "The Eyes Of The Tiger" (Produced by Tone P)

8. "The War" ft. Daniel Merriweather (Produced by Bassheads)

9. "The Break Up Song" (Produced by Anlo)

10. "The Work (Workin)" (Produced by Yogi)

11. "The Black N Gold" ft. Sam Sparro (Produced by DJ Omega & Kosmik)

12. "The Manipulation Pt. 2" (Produced by Kosmik)

13. "KD Interlude"

14. "The Posse Cut (Who Don't)" ft. Fat Trel & Black Cobain (Produced by Kosmik)

15. "Waka Flocka" ft. Wale & Roscoe Dash - The Guilty Pleasure (No Hands) (Produced by Drumma Boy)

16. "The Trip (Downtown)" (Produced by DJ Omega & Kosmik)

17. "The Ambitious Girl" (Produced by Osinachi)

18. "The Motivation (Be Right)" ft. Dre (Produced by Cool & Dre)

19. "The Cloud" ft. Tiara Thomas (Produced by Tiara Thomas)

20. "The Power" ft. Avery Storm (Produced by Osinachi)

21. "The Get Away (Fly Away)" ft. Northeast Groovers (Produced by Best Kept Secret)