Wale 'The Eleven One Eleven Theory' mixtape

Wale 'The Eleven One Eleven Theory' mixtape
Maybach Music Group MC Wale promised to release his The Eleven One Eleven Theory mixtape today (August 17) and he's stuck to his word.

You can download the release here. It comes supporting such guests as Lloyd, J Holiday, Black Cobain, Lil Duval, Tre of UCB, Tone P and Magazeen. And among the producers are Deputy, BuBu, DJ Toomp, Sonny Digital, Lil C and Hit-Boy.

That's the cover above and the tracklist below.

As previously reported, Wale's Ambition full-length is expected out on November 1 via Warner Bros.

The Eleven One Eleven Theory:

1. "Theory" 11.1.1
2. "Fuck You"
3. "Drums N Shit" (prod. by Deputy)
4. "Chain Music"
5. "Lacefrontin'"
6. "Mother Nature (Slow Jammin)" (prod. by BuBu)
7. "Barry Sanders" (prod. by DJ Toomp)
8. "Bait"
9. "Passive Aggres-Her" (prod. by Sonny Digital)
10. "Fairytales" (ft. Lil Duval)" (prod. by Lil C)
11. "Ocean Drive" (ft. Magazeen, Black Cobain and Tre of UCB)
12. "Samples N' Shit"
13. "Ambitious Girl Pt. 2" (ft. J Holiday)
14. "Let's Chill" (feat. Lloyd)
15. "Pick.. Six"
16. "Varsity Blues"
17. "Underdogg" (prod. by Hit-Boy)
18. "The Podium" (ft. Black Cobain, Tre of UCB and Tone P)
19. "Globetrotters" (Bonus)