Wale "Back 2 Ballin'" (ft. French Montana) (video)

Wale 'Back 2 Ballin'' (ft. French Montana) (video)
Despite just releasing The Gifted, DC rhymer Wale is repping his older Folarin track "Back 2 Ballin'" with a clip that should please the retro-gamers out there.

The clip has a couple of ladies spending some quality time with an old Sega Genesis machine to play a handful of games that miraculously all star Wale and rapper-in-arms French Montana. Rendered in old-school videogame graphics, the on-screen duo beat on a bulbous boss in a Double Dragon send-up, ride street-scorching whips in a Pole Position bite, and confirm that they are truly the most ballin' of werewolves in a tribute to Altered Beast.

You can watch the rappers get controlled by a pair of button mashers in the video down below.