VVV 'Shadow World' (album stream)

VVV 'Shadow World' (album stream)
Austin electronic music head VVV (a.k.a. Shawhin Izaddoost) is ready to enter his Shadow World — literally. The producer's new album of the same name is about to see release on Holodeck, and you can now get in early on an advance stream.

The album follows fast on the heels of this year's Why El Paso Sky tape and marks the proper follow-up to 2011's Across the Sea (Fortified Audio). For his latest, Izaddoost packs Shadow World with a dense mix of heady atmospherics, 2-step beats and a dark sense of moody melody, adding a certain longing melancholy to it all.

But the album also flirts with Izaddoost's Persian heritage, with many tracks pulling in a worldly exotica you'd expect to find on some lost-and-found Music From Memory gem. It's a move that plays out well on Shadow World, adding yet another layer to a complex yet never too busy web of sound.

As Holodeck explains, "Shawhin has carefully designed each piece to be a movement within a continual whole, making this record a thoroughly realized concept rather than a collection of individual songs."

And as you can hear for yourself below, it definitely plays out that way.

You can pre-order the album here. Shadow World officially sees release on Friday (October 6).